Weber Genesis II SP-435 GBS Gas Grill Stainless Steel

We did it again!!! After the first Genesis saw the light in 1985, we’ve managed to change the world of gas barbecues forever. Well, it happened again in 2017, with the Weber Genesis II barbecue we brought the biggest revolution in gas barbecues ever seen. A state-of-the-art barbecue with the most innovative systems such as the GS4 high-performance cooking system it offers us: a new electronic ignition system, a new burner design and a new oil collection system …
Weber Genesis II barbecues are divided into 2 series: Genesis II and Genesis II EP -SP.
Here we present the Weber Genesis II SP-435 GBS, a latest generation barbecue that you can enjoy with your loved ones.
Equipped with the exclusive GS4 high performance cooking system, a friends gathering has never been this special… The GS4 high performance cooking system is a revolution in the world of gas barbecues. This cooking system consists of:
Long-life piezoelectronic ignition system. This ensures that the burners are ignited repeatedly. We are sure it will be, we gave this system a 10-year warranty.
The new high-performance burners are made of Stainless steel and have an innovative conical shape that ensures a smooth gas flow from front to back, thereby optimizing the thermal distribution to the cooking grates. With this, we ensure that food is cooked properly, regardless of the grill place they are placed on.
New oil collection system. A system that allows us to clean faster and easier. It also helps reduce the risk of flare-ups, thanks to the sewage of new flavor waters outside the burners.
This barbecue includes 4 stainless steel burners + 1 Sear Station (sealing) burner.
Flavorizer Bars is a patented Weber system of triangular metal bars covering the burners. They avoid flares and provide barbecue flavor as the juices and oils drip into it. They also help ensure optimum heat dissipation.
It also has the grill Gourmet Barbecue System where you can use all the GOURMET SYSTEM accessories: wok, griddle, grill, pizza stone, cooking support for chickens, sandwich maker…….
Another innovation to note is that the gas cylinder now moves to the side, leaving a large storage area under the barbecue.
This new model from Genesis is compatible with the Bluetooh iGrill 3 digital thermometer, which controls the cooking process from start to finish, displaying the temperature in real time on your mobile phone (sold separately).
Stainless steel color
Power 16.71 Kw / h. (Including Sear Zone)
GS4 high performance cooking system.
4 Stainless steel burners. high performance. 14.07 Kw nominal capacity
1 Stainless steel Sear Station burner 2.6 Kw/h.
Long life piezoelectronic ignition system.
Oil management system. There are 1 Weber Aluminum Drip Cups Summit, Genesis II 4B and 6B in the box.
Gourmet BBQ System grills made of cast iron with porcelain enamel coating.
Flavoring aroma rails made of stainless steel.
Closet for closed car design and accessories.
Porcelain enamelled steel lid with integrated thermometer and painted aluminum rim.
Cooking surface 86x48cm.
Compatible with igrill 3 thermometer (not included).
2 stainless steel work surfaces.
The reheat and keep warm grill folds down. Compatible with Elevation accessories. (Skewers, pans, etc. sold separately)
3.5 Kw side cooker.
Sear Station burner for a higher calorific power (2.6 Kw).
Hooks for kitchen utensils.
2 front wheels with lock.
Weight 73 Kg
Includes clamps for regulator, tube and cylinder.
Tube storage area
10-year cover, chamber and burner warranty A
regulator suitable for household cylinders with a valve of 12 kg comes out of the box.
To store the cylinder on the side, Aygaz’s 12 kg, narrow and long household type cylinder with valve is suitable.
Made in USA.
10-year warranty for each component. Except for natural wear and faults of use.
The product is delivered disassembled in its original packaging. You can assemble it yourself with the visual installation chart that comes out of the product.
It is recommended to clean the inner and outer surfaces regularly to protect the product from natural factors.
It is recommended to protect it with a protective cover against the natural wear process. ( Sold separately compatible product codes PA7135,7135 )


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