BARBECCU’s Harman model; It provides everything you need to cook and spend pleasant hours outdoors with your friends and family. It has a special decoration image for your garden even when not in use.

The barbecue and cooking equipment you will use will directly affect your barbecue taste. The taste of the grills you will make with Harman will be effective for you and your guests to have a pleasant time. 

Thanks to its special wheeled structure, you can bring the pleasure of barbecue to every area in your garden. (Wheels are optional)

While the wood fire is burning in the middle, the cooking plate creates different heat areas from the inner edges to the outer edges, so it provides the opportunity to cook various foods at different temperatures at the same time.

Thanks to the oil channels in the grill area, excess oil goes directly to the combustion chamber, preventing its contact with the fire, and cleaning both the grill area and the table of the blend becomes very easy.

The area you can use to prepare your food; it will also turn into a special table where you can sit and chat with your guests around the barbecue and enjoy the fire.

wood storage unit and drawers; It will remove all the clutter to be used in a barbecue.

The high-quality cast-iron grill allows you to seal the meat and cook it while preserving its flavor.

If you want to prepare hot grills for dozens of guests at the same time, show how effective you are in the kitchen and get the pleasure of grilling, get ready to meet Harman.


  • Grid area measure; 800*800

  • product width; 2000 

  • Product height; 800

  • Height with grid section; one thousand

  • Portable rectangular Lava grill

  • Drawer for tools such as tongs etc. 

  • Special padded wheels for easy mobility

  • 6-8 Kg cooking capacity at the same time

  • Easy transportation thanks to its demountable feature

  • Weight; 173kg

  • Wood storage area in the lower part


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