Striped Vertical Curtain

Striped vertical curtain , which is used on the outer windows of all kinds of places , is a very stylish product and is one of the most preferred decor products. With its difference, it is highly preferred because it has both usage and space-saving features compared to normal curtains.

This type of curtain, which is compatible with the condition of the glass, is generally preferred in office-style workplaces because it is very useful. Striped vertical curtains will be a good choice to capture a simple and modern style . This product, which is washable and can be opened and closed easily with its lightness, is among the most preferred products. It is a product that is compatible with all working and living environments.

The striped vertical curtain , which can be compatible with the shape of the windows in the design of interior spaces and prepared in various sizes , will also offer you an alternative with a color option that is compatible with the color of the room to be installed. There is no doubt that it will have a positive effect on the decoration of the place you will use it. Among the most important things this curtain does is filter the sunlight and protect it from damage. It has been said by the users that this curtain, which is available in many models and sizes according to people’s choices, contributes to every environment they enter with its harmonious color.

The opening and closing process is done with the rope mechanism or chain on the side. This is a very stylish situation in terms of decoration. When it is pulled from its ropes, the curtain can be opened in one piece on both sides or to the desired side. Curtains with vertical shape are very suitable in terms of both color options and cost.

It can be easily installed with a little preparation at the place of application. If you prefer this curtain, which can be found in the dimensions according to your place with the most suitable curtain option for your use, you will have a curtain with an advantageous vertical shape in every way. The important thing is that it surrounds the environment it is in.



PRODUCT CLEANING: Can be wiped with sponge Soapy water


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