Pollen Double Sofa Set


Double: Width: 141 Depth: 85 Height: 83 cm

Single: Width: 83 Depth: 85 Height: 83 cm

Coffee table: 120x70x60 cm



Our products are produced with special production synthetic rattan knitting threads. Luce Garden garden furniture products are produced with knitting yarns imported by Wintec, which is a pioneer in the world. The imported rattan product is produced from 97% pe (polyethylene) material.

The most important feature of the rattan yarn used in production is that it is not harmful to human health. Rattan seating groups, produced with a special knitting technique, resistant to water, rain, wind, humidity, cold and sun, and using UV added top class materials, stand out in terms of durability when compared with similar garden furniture products. The synthetic rattan material used in our products prevents negative situations such as infestation and decay, which are frequently seen in garden furniture. The product has successfully passed cracking and drying resistance tests.




There are no additives on our products, which are produced with synthetic rattan knitting threads. Our knitting yarns can maintain their initial state for long periods of time with their protection features against external factors. However, regular maintenance of your product is an important factor that extends its lifespan.

The maintenance periods of rattan products vary according to the usage area of ​​the product. Especially the products that come into contact with direct sunlight need to be maintained more frequently.

Rattan garden furniture products can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth using only water. Cleaning products containing chemicals should be avoided, and natural cleaning materials should be used only when deemed necessary.




In the frame structure of the product, full thermal aluminum is used in accordance with the 40 43 norm, with 1.5 mm and 2.4 mm wall thickness, in different diameters, suitable for the skeleton. In joining the parts of the skeleton, the joint is made by mig welding (by throwing the spot). The joints are also strengthened by tig welding by adding teak wire to the remaining gaps, and the excess weld pieces are made ready for painting by grinding.


Before the painting process is applied, it enters the drying oven by chromating, that is, making the smooth aluminum surface micron-sized, in order for the aluminum to oxidize and the paint to fully adhere to the skeleton. our skeleton becomes ready to be knitted.


Various lengths of saw-toothed steel staples are used to attach the rattan material to the aluminum skeleton. In addition, 19 mm long stainless steel specially produced saw-toothed nails are used in the braids on the product. A 32 mm diameter stainless material protector is attached to the feet of the products whose knitting process is completed.




The sponges, which are produced with the polyurethane material used in the seat and back cushions, provide a comfortable session thanks to their irregular cell structures. With their pressure-absorbing structures in the sitting and back area, sponges maintain their quality for a long time compared to standard sponges.




Sponge Thickness: 10 cm

Density kg / mm (ISO 1855): 32 ± 1

SAG Factor (ISO 2439): ≥ 2

Repulsion % (ISO 2439): ≥ 50

Hardness N ISO 2439 (ILD 40%): 130-170

Tensile Strength Kpa (ISO 1798): ≥ 80

% Elongation at Break (ISO 1798): ≥ 100

Tear Strength N/cm ASTM D 3574: ≥ 3

Deformation % (ISO 3385) – Hardness: ≤ 25

Deformation % (ISO 3385) – Thickness: ≤ 5




Thanks to its olefin yarn structure suitable for outdoor use, the fabrics can be easily cleaned. The fabrics used in the products are waterproof against all outdoor conditions. The fabric used in our products has successfully passed 7 different tests against light, weather conditions, UV, destruction, sea water, pool water and scratch resistance.





Weave: 100% Olefin

Feature: Water Repellent Fabric

Warranty (year): 2

Colorfastness (years): 2

Water and Oil Repellency: Yes

Anti-Flaming: Anti-Flaming

Anti-bacterial: Yes

UV Protection: Yes

Light Protection: Yes

Sea and Pool Water Protection: Yes

Anti-Scratch Protection: yes





1) Washed at 30°C.  

2) It can be dry cleaned. 

3) Ironing is not allowed. 

4) It is dried in the machine at low temperature.




The cushions that come with the Gelincik Rattan Sofa Set are provided with sponges with dense filling material to ensure that you and your guests have a comfortable and quality time. The cushions are produced from easily wipeable and washable materials as well as being water-repellent.




The rattan seating group, which is produced entirely by hand on an aluminum frame, is suitable for use in different points such as garden, terrace, poolside, patio and winter garden. 

Our rattan garden furniture products are produced with different color options.




CoffeeDark coffeeGreyCreamOakBlackWhitecappuccino


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