Mardini invites the user to a comfortable rest by targeting the pressure points caused by reclining positions. It aims to rest the body with the pressure points arising from the ergonomic sitting and leaning positions between the leg-waist-shoulder distances. The movement mechanism in the neck part moves in 15 different stages. It allows us to customize the comfort mode with its high neck support, soft armrests, feather lumbar support and adjustable sitting depth. With its comfortable view, Mardini offers the opportunity to spend quality time in living spaces.

With the form developed depending on the function, comfort depending on the position is aimed. The product has a flexible appearance. The thin horizontal slices on the thick arm and the sitting part make the design linear and complementary, giving a contrasting image. These slices are also decisive in the separation of materials of different hardness.

Mardini relax sofa represents togetherness and sharing. It puts the sophisticated signature of comfort on the space. It aims to reach mental and physical calmness by getting away from the stressful city life all day long. As a result of scientific research and examinations, it is stated that sitting with the body at an angle of 135 degrees with respect to the hips is the best biomechanical sitting style compared to a 90-degree sitting angle. In individuals who work at a desk for a long time, sitting straight and motionless can create strain on the back. Offering a healthy and pleasant sitting opportunity, Mardini Relax offers its users a unique experience in resting and living spaces such as home and office.



MARDINI CORNER 342cm 332cm 80 cm



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