Hisar Oven Series is a unique product designed to offer you the pleasures of Grill, oven and garden fireplace. 

There is a storage section at the bottom, a grill section in the middle, and an oven section at the top. 

In this model, the smoke and heat generated from the combustion chamber in the grill area are used to heat the furnace located at the top of the combustion chamber. With the baking method, you can easily cook many products such as pastries, fish and casseroles. Like the combustion chamber, the inside of the oven is designed with Firebrick. In this way, you can cook products such as pita bread, lahmacun, bread, pizza with the wood embers you will get from the combustion chamber, with the attitude of a baker. 

You can cook healthy hamburgers and have a pleasant time with your loved ones with the flameless cooking area of ​​your Hisar’s Chrome-Nickel stainless grill, which has a cooking capacity of 4-5 kg ​​with an 80×40 grill area.

You can store all your accessories thanks to the special shelf in the wood storage section with the lid at the bottom, and you can completely eliminate the clutter while preparing your grills thanks to the wooden coffee tables and special hangers on the sides.

Side panels of your Hisar BBQ are double-walled and insulated with rock wool between the walls. On the outside of the Side Panels, wooden panels are used to prevent hand contact with high temperatures. In this way, it will contribute to the aesthetics of your garden with the Wood Metal composition visual it provides, as well as protecting you and your loved ones.

You can easily carry your Hisar, which can be easily installed with a demountable oven, grill and storage section, to any area in your garden thanks to its wheels.


  • Width: 90cm, Height: 190cm, Depth: 54cm

  • Grid Area Dimension: 80cm x 40cm

  • Oven Area Dimension: 60cm x 40cm

  • Wooden Side Table Dimensions: 35cm x 60cm

  • Stainless Grid Made of Crni Material

  • Special Design That Allows Adjusting the Distance Between Grill and Fire in 3 Levels

  • 4mm Tempered, Heat Resistant Oven Glass

  • Special Oven Thermometer

  • Furnace Floor, Bottom and Side Surfaces are Completely Covered with Fire Brick

  • 4-5kg Cooking Capacity at the Same Time

  • Combustion Chamber Completely Covered with Fire Bricks

  • Wooden / Solid Panels on the Grille Preventing Hand Contact with High Temperature

  • Tongs, Fork, Brush etc. Special Hanger for Accessories

  • Wood Storage Area in the Sub-Storage Section

  • Material Rack in Warehouse Section

  • Easy Transport with Disassembly Feature


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